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About Me

A little personal history....

Born in South Texas, a twist of fate landed me in Nebraska, where I grew up, got married and raised two sons. When the kids flew the coop, my husband and I moved to the beautiful Ozarks of Missouri. We spend much of our time on Tablerock Lake, exploring other areas, and visiting our sons and grandchildren. 

I am a member of Springfield Regional Arts, and Holiday Island Art Guild.

Why I do what I do....

 Though I find interest in many different art mediums, I have chosen to work primarily with kiln formed and fused glass because it offers endless possibilities of fascination and challenge. Glass is a multi-faceted material. It’s strong enough to shelter us, yet so fragile. While it can appear to be a cold, hard material, its glistening reflectivity is warm and mesmerizing and takes on a life of its own. It can be manipulated by cutting, grinding, pulverizing, or melting it, yet it has such a mind of it’s own that one wrong cut, one deviant degree of temperature, leaves one wondering who’s manipulated whom. The result of overcoming the challenges it presents is a satisfying feeling of achievement that every artist lives for. 

One of a Kind.....

Life is too short to keep doing the same things over and over! There are too many possibilities, too many new things to try. While I occasionally create work that might "coordinate" with a previous work, most of my art is all over the map! My "style" is usually bright and colorful, often with meticulous detail. 

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Nicole Hanna Designs


The work you see here is a sampling of what I do. Additional work can be seen in person at:

The Roxy

95 Spring Street, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Keels Creek Winery & Art Gallery

3185 E VanBuren, Eureka Springs, Arkasas

Creative Native

8956 E. State Hwy 76, Branson West, MO